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With a history steeped in mystery, the high tech city of New Phoenix is one of cutting-edge technology and innovation. Having a current population of nearly four million, it’s home to over half a dozen tech firms, most notably the juggernaut Trikon Industries and their long-time rival, Imperium Technology.  New Phoenix was originally founded under the ancient name Pergamos. Although the meaning behind this remains uncertain, New Phoenix was established in the late 1970’s and sprung up virtually overnight. The original architects of the city also built an elaborate underground system unknown to most early and current residents.

The underbelly of New Phoenix is one heavily infested by crime and fortified by a thriving black market. Contraband and dangerous technology are frequently traded within the confines of the city, as well as outside. This history of criminal activity goes back to the influence of legendary crime boss Maximilian Antipas – a wealthy, Italian immigrant who controlled New Phoenix for decades until his death seven years ago. Dark undercurrents from the Antipas criminal network remain as strong today, if not stronger, than when Max was alive.

The vast majority of New Phoenix’s population are completely unaware that a criminal underworld continues to maintain such strong control over the city, even over law enforcement. New Phoenix remains a citadel of modern industry and corporate influence with a diverse population and thriving economy.

The Eye

The Eye is a multi-purpose drone used to track and monitor the criminal underworld of New Phoenix. Designed to appear identical to the Mark II ‘ghost’ drones in order the blend in, the Eye has a metallic exterior and a spherical shape. Multiple cameras are built into the drone on front and back, as well as internal relays equipped to track a multitude of wireless transmissions to their points of origin. The advanced drone also possesses offensive and defensive capabilities, including hidden, extendable side turrets with laser firing, starburst lights, EMP (electro-magnetic pulse) deployment and electronic signal jammers. The Eye is able to engage enemy drones in battle, and is superior to both the Mark II and Mark IV models in many ways. However, the computer-controlled drones pose the greatest threat to the Eye, especially when it’s outnumbered.

Mark II (Ghosts)

An earlier model, the Mark II drones are utilized by the underground primarily for surveillance over the city of New Phoenix, especially during the night hours. Designed with an attractive, spherical shape in order to appear non-threatening, the Mark II drones have a singular front camera in which live-streaming footage is recorded. They also possess the ability for thermal imaging and can see through most solid walls, able to listen in on multiple conversations at once. These drones were used exclusively until the implementation of the Mark IV model. Their lack of defensive capabilities on the Mark II drones, unlike later models, has made them rapidly obsolete.

Mark IV (Ravagers)

More advanced than the previous surveillance models, the Mark IV drones possess all the same capabilities and more. Slightly larger in shape and more menacing in appearance, they have built-in weaponry, including rotating, laser-firing turrets on either side. Designed with armor-plated exteriors, these drones are also faster, able to maneuver in ways the Mark I and II models could not. When in close range to a human for an extended period, the Mark IV is able to elicit an electronic vibration that can disrupt heart rhythms, leading to cardiac arrest.

In addition, the Mark IV drones were also created with the capability for complete autonomous computer control. Once fully-activated, the need for a human operator is completely alleviated. Designed to remain in the air for longer, the Mark IV is able to function for four hours at a time before needing to be recharged. They are superior machines, secretly posing a threat to the people of New Phoenix.

Mark V

Quiet, fast and stealthy, the Mark V is superior to all drones before it. Robotic and computer-controlled, they’re larger and more complex. The Mark V contains multiple built-in cameras and an advanced internal system, as well as being armed with multiple, revolving, laser-firing turrets. In addition, they’re programmed to perform a multitude of simultaneous functions with little to no delay. These advanced drones are capable of extended periods of operation, performing surveillance, long and short-range tracking, and initiating both offensive and defensive maneuvers. They’re also able to connect to the Catalyst structure stationed atop Trikon Industries as part of the Cyclone project. Expensive to manufacture, The Mark V machines are soon-to-be-commissioned as the ultimate, weaponized drones in the skies over New Phoenix.

The Catalyst

The brainchild of Elias Centrell and Phillip Thorne, the Catalyst was produced in secret by Trikon Industries for their collaborative Cyclone project. The construct is a ten foot tall metallic obelisk designed to transmit dangerous wireless signals throughout New Phoenix. Utilizing a tremendous amount of power and functioning similar to a stingray, the Catalyst intercepts an unlimited amount of transmissions from local electronic devices, collecting unauthorized personal information from users without their knowledge. The vast amount of data feeds into a giant virtual matrix based at Trikon, gaining greater control over the citizens of New Phoenix. Virtually indestructible, the Catalyst is stationed on top of the Trikon tower and protected by drones on a 24 hour, rotational basis.

Stryker 3000

One of the most powerful and dangerous weapons produced by the Antipas criminal underworld, the Stryker is sold on the black market to foreign buyers.  Constructed of a titanium exterior, with a silicon core, it’s capable of great destruction. Silent in function, the Stryker has an advanced, electronic laser sight, designed for both short and long range operation. It fires a plasma-like blast.  When hitting its target, the blast triggers an explosion capable of complete obliteration, even from as far as two hundred feet away.  

Apex Razor

Sleek and compact in design, the Apex gun is relatively lightweight and easy to conceal. Constructed of steel with a built-in computerized module , this powerful weapon emits a high intensity laser capable of slicing through solid objects. Created by Antipas, the Apex Razor is a popular weapon sold on the black market to both foreign and domestic buyers. Variant models of the weapon, firing conventional bullets, are used by Antipas operatives within New Phoenix.

Pulse Blaster

Utilized by Kyle Jordan’s covert team, the Pulse Blaster is a short-range, non-lethal instrument designed for usage in  their fight against the Antipas criminal network. The blasters are similar in size to a standard handgun and contain multiple settings for either laser or electrical emissions. The  pulse emissions are utilized primarily to disable or destroy enemy drones. The charges of electricity are capable of rendering a person unconscious for up to a few minutes at a time without causing any permanent damage. Pulse blaster electrical discharges have a maximum firing range of up to forty feet, while the lasers can extend up to twice that.

  • Antipas

    A generic term used for the underground criminal organization controlling New Phoenix. Named after infamous crime boss, Max Antipas.

  • Catacombs

    An elaborate, subterranean system beneath New Phoenix utilized as the base of operations by the Antipas criminal organization.

  • Catalyst, The

    An advanced, monolithic construct stationed atop Trikon Industies as part of the Cyclone Project.

  • Cyber

    Code name of Justin Blackburn.

  • Cyclone

    A secret project and collaboration between Trikon Industries CEO Phillip Thorne and Elias

  • Neil Drennon

    Ex-military member of Kyle Jordan’s team and best friend.

  • Drex

    Code name of Neil Drennon.


  • Emperium Technology

    Large New Phoenix tech firm and rival corporation to Trikon Industries..

  • Eye, The

    The drone utilized by Kyle Jordan covert team for tracking and surveillance around New Phoenix.

  • Ghosts

    Name given by Kyle Jordan and his team to the Mark II surveillance drones controlled by Antipas.

  • Justin Blackburn

    Expert hacker, cryptographer and member of Kyle Jordan’s covert team.

  • Lucien Delmar

    The biological son of former crime leader Max Antipas.

  • Malachi

    The pastor of Christ Church in New Phoenix and ally of Kyle Jordan’s covert team.

  • Max (Maximilian) Antipas

    Former leader of the mafia-like criminal organization who died seven years ago and was succeeded by Elias Centrell.

  • Megan Gehris

    The youngest member of Kyle Jordan’s covert team.

  • Mercury

    Black market weapons expert and trader for the Antipas criminal organization.

  • New Phoenix

    A large, innovative city with a dark, mysterious history and enigmatic origin which is controlled by an underground criminal network.

  • Phase 3

    Third stage of the drone implementation by the Antipas criminal network facilitated by the transition to computerized autonomous controlled machines.

  • Phase 4

    Final stage in the Antipas drone takeover of the city of New Phoenix.

  • Phoenix

    Code name of covert team leader Kyle Jordan.

  • Pulse Blaster

    Non-lethal instruments utilized by Kyle Jordan and his team.

  • Ravagers

    Name given by Kyle Jordan’s team for the weaponized Mark IV drones controlled by Antipas.

  • Sectors

    Areas of the city broken down by Kyle  Jordan and his covert team.

  • Sentinel

    A large, humanoid cyborg created by Trikon Industries as a prototype.

  • Thorne, Phillip

    The CEO of Trikon Industries and secret partner of criminal leader Elias Centrell.

  • Trikon Industries

    The most powerful corporation and technology hardware firm within New Phoenix.

  • Tronix

    A group of young hackers and friends of Justin Blackburn who frequently serve as sources of information.

  • Tyson

    Elias Centrell’s right hand man and the head of counter intelligence for the Antipas criminal network.

  • Viper

    Code name of Megan Gehris.

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The city of New Phoenix is a fountainhead of technology, innovation and crime. Having an origin steeped in mystery, it’s as dangerous as it is captivating. Architect Mitch Preston learns of a deadly force at work in the city after witnessing the murder of his best friend. Seeking help from investigative journalist Tamara Scott, whom he shares a complicated history, Mitch is thrust into the midst of a high tech war being fought in the dark underworld of New Phoenix. Before long, he encounters the enigmatic leader of a small covert group fighting to end the criminal stronghold. Forced to choose sides, Mitch’s path is set on a collision course with the powerful Elias Centrell, leader of the mafia-like organization that controls the city from behind the scenes.

This propulsive sci-fi crime thriller from best-selling author Brian Weimer (Nexus, The Verticon File) is a book like no other.